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[Thank you all for the follows and the kind words! I'm nearly finished adding you all to the links page! Love yah!]

Welcome one and all to the Hellzone, I am your host, Diesel. I'm hoping you enjoy your stay, as you may have noticed the fact that there are no exit signs, being that there aren't any exits! Luckily we have a good show for you all tonight, so you won't be missing your family and friends too much... Make your way to the seating area, and choose your seat wisely, as you'll be sat there for all eternity! And now, without further ado, on with the show!

Yo, so when I first made this site, before I'd done anything to anything, the preview thumbnail thing was showing some site I didn't make! So that was super weird. I knew it was personalized for this specific site cuz it said "welcome to the hellzone". I was super curious so I went on the web archive to see if this URL had been used before! Lo and behold, it had! Back it 2015, this username was owned by someone else! Pretty cool. But if you came here lookin for the original hellzone.neocities.org, then I ain't them! I'm a different dude.