Hot Links

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The Vampire Club is a cool website/club you or anyone else can join! It's about vampires and vampires are pretty freaking awesome. Check out their pretty poetry or awesome articles!

Floppyjay is one of the coolest sites on Neocities with a neat purple aesthetic and plenty of funky GIFs. There's also original games, which are super fun by the way. Check it out!

Crowcult is a fun site with a similar (but more dark) aesthetic to mine. They cover a wide range of subjects and have a great sense of humor. Plenty of stuff to check out here!

Lancer502 is a funky site about video games and the like. There's rom hacks, there's codes, there's bootlegs! Also a great aesthetic going on here. Check them out!


Yudosai is an aesthetically pleasing personal site with some good links and interesting content. You better check out Project Omega2!! Great site in general

Gwtagacw is a neat site with a sweet CGA color pallete and some cool drawings and a whole lot of guinea pigs. Plenty to look at and read, so you better check them out!

zsplanet is a cool site with a whole bunch of fun content. Don't let the plain look fool you, there's loads to explore! And they said nice things to me so.. Check 'em out!!


BuryPink is a cool site with a retro/anime aesthetic so sweet it makes your teeth hurt. They have pretty cool Touhou and Vocaloid pages so you better check those out!


Punchy is extremely colorful and fun to look through. This site is sure to wake you up with it's neon colors and fun content! Many cute GIFs and characters are dotted around!

BugLand is a quirky site with fun aesthetics. If you like bugs, you will love this site! Also the the webmaster is a great artist and you should check our their art!!


If you want to explore through a fascinating world described in wonderful detail by someone much better at writing than me, then this is the place to go. You'll be exploring for hours!

MelonKing is one of the big guys on Neocities, and for good reason. His site shows the best that classic geocities aesthetics has to offer. Each page has it's own feeling, and there's a lot of variety in content to be found.


YupThatsMe is a fun, retro website which sports a large collection of classic GIFs and graphics. You can tell that the webmaster has a great love for the 2000s, as it makes their work very fun to read.


Nevermind the name, this is a curious little site which I think has plenty potential to be interesting. It's currently not got many pages but it's still rather fun to read through.